About us

We met after some time (Damian, Artur, Marek – buddies from university) on our friend’s concert in Skład Butelek in Warsaw’s Praga. That was in Mai 2015. After the performance we went to nearby Kamienna Street, where Artur lives. Then appeared the wall:

We grabbed instruments in hands and started to play. Around midnight, appeared Arcadius – the neighbor. We thought, that we are disturbing the quiet hours, but… he offered to join us jamming. That was the beginning of the band.

We met several times on Kamienna Street with a plan of street performance, preferably somewhere under the bridge as a symbol of cultural approximation between the Vistula River and the city of Warsaw. Then came the neighbor Janek – a very talented musician. He said that we are great and that he sees us at Woodstock. He didn’t join the band, but gave us a motivational kick. Moreover, it was not the last neighbor, who got in the way of KA1.

Soon we met Andrzej from staircase number II. Until now, he has been hiding with his saxophone in the cellar of the Kamienna block of flats. We were delighted that he will have the opportunity to practice with us in the apartment. Still there was no drummer. Going local trail, we called to Mariusz – a neighbor of Artur from the pre-Kamienna Street time.

In early August, we were jamming already at the new location – RedRum Studio. Some neighbors breathed a sigh of relief, perhaps others lost their chance. The band began to function under the working name of Kamienna 1, in November officially renamed KA1.

In July 2016 Kuba Sudoł joined the band.