Andrzej Żubr

Andrzej ŻubrAlto saxophone

I always wanted to play the saxophone. However Mr. Włodek from the community centre told me: „You are too young, better play the flute”. So I started learning the flute and wanted to be like Mr. Ian Anderson, though, at the age of twelve, I could not have a beard. It is a kind of instrument that if you want to impress someone even a girl from a parallel class in elementary school – you have to know how to play. Saxophone is a different thing. You can simply have it, and people start to say that you are a saxophonist. Therefore, when at last I grew a little and switched to saxophone, colleagues stopped to tease me with questions, „how is your flute teacher?and chicas from school started to be more kind and curious.

This brilliant success went to my head. I neglected regular practising and dropped out of community centre. The landmark appeared when my neighbor Artur told me that he is playing instruments with some fellows in his flat. With joy I joined them disturbing quiet hours. Of course I knew that soon I will have to learn to play better, so people would not have reason to say, that the band is cool, but the saxophonist should play less often. Therefore, ahead of me an intensive training program. I promise that on our second album (certainly there will be such one!), you will hear the difference.  Because the band is cool, that is an indisputable fact. We have much more ideas than days required for recording. And when at the first playing I realised that the two of us are foresters and there is a chance to record songs about the life of wild animals, I knew that soon we will enter the stairway to the rock & roll heaven (although I’m not saying that we do not stop on the first stair).

Having this opportunity to say something, I would like to greet my beautiful wife. She is so incredible, that probably would be my groupie even if I played the triangle. Even if i played it really bad.