Artur Pruziński

Artur PruzińskiElectric double bass

In Pionki, the town I come from, there used to be a vinyl factory Pronit. My dad, who worked there, brought home many vinyls. Quickly I fell in love with music, but I started to play instruments quite late, in high school and… I chose first a guitar. I was inspired by a friend, who picked up the most beautiful girl in the school by playing serenades to her. Of course on the campfire. Motivated, two years later, I made my debut in front of the school audience. However the time of campfires has passed, and my career was interrupted by studies. Guitar did not fit in the dormitory, and of course there was other entertainment. You know, studying.

Being already working man, I fell in love with the bass, and then double bass. In my flat in Warsaw’s Praga, held first few band meetings. It quickly became clear that Damian discovered his talent to poetry, and neighbors of the Kamienna Street are not only understanding and easygoing, but also very talented.

In KA1 I play the electric double bass and organize different topics. I am keen on every kind of music, ranging from classical and jazz, modern sound, to the most banal songs made in two chords on synthesizer. I am a writer (Jarek Patriota), run a music blog, and from time to time I make amateur films (here you can see them). You can meet me at salsa-bachata floors in Warsaw.

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