Damian Całka

Damian CałkaVocal, lyrics

For me, music is the art. It can magically grab all of us and move, both body and mind in a different space and in a different world. It has turned into completely new shape and color when I took my first guitar steps at home and learned the basic chords.

Then appeared simple but own melodies, which just couldn’t remain alone. Would be too quiet and defective… so gradually texts enriched music. Not only once they flowed with the melody at one time. Some texts were written just like that, under the inspiration of the moment, but… the most exciting were those, built in many days, evolving ones. This gave confidence, that the song has enough impulsivity, not fleeting moment, not one frail mood, but truth and passion. It tells the story from the land of dreams!

Considering all of that, I started to ask myself:
„..Dear Sister, Dear Brother,
may in one space,
you hold your mind? (…)”