EP-KA1EP-KA1 is a premiere 30 minutes of KA1 music. 7 songs, by which we want to give some fun to both our audience and us. Love, relationships, simple and existential problems, violence – these are important matters that we put in rock-jazzy note with a touch of folk and Warsaw climates. For sure it is something original.

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Agena Development logoWe would like to thank Agena Development. Agena built our favourite block on Kamienna Street and gave us support during the production of EP-KA1.

Ludzie Prawdziwi is the first track, the text of which Damian brought on Kamienna Street. At the beginning it was put aside, because of Pogadajmy and Słodkich Snów. Then returned in heavily modified form as the most progressive song on EP.

Arkadia, which begins EP, was arranged by Arcadius. Damian improvised text. On subsequent attempts, each one of us has made contribution to composition, and finally the music and words have become the right form. At the end we gave the name of the composition: Arcadia… for our friend Arcadius.

Słodkich snów is a melancholy love story. The ballad, which flows into the funk-folk note. The rhythm of the doble bass studded by Artur and Andrzej’s alto saxophone excellent theme give this part of the composition a joint, joyous fun character.

Pogadajmy is a song about relations and understanding each other. Damian wrote 8 verses… Ultimately there are only two. The central part of the composition is Mariusz’s drum show. Marek plays on guitar like a crazy regge machine.

Song Dziewczynka is a response to the evil that is hidden in the guise of fighting for the faith, terrorism and hostility of people towards other people. This is the last song that was created for EP, in our opinion the most poignant.

Liczba 24 is based on improvisation. During practicing Ludzie Prawdziwi Artur extended the song of blues-jazz variation on double bass. Mariusz quickly started playing drums. Then there was Marek and Andrzej’s unison, Arcadius’s piano variations and as usual original text by Damian. The only song that we decided to mute on EP… it is a must for live improvisation.

We were working on Gadoskórny for two months. Firstly it was not planned to be on EP, but after our concert in RedRum Studio in Mai we decided to put it as an extra bonus for our fans. We are sure, you will like it.